To Whom it may concern,


On behalf of VIAHA, VMHA, and JDFMHA, we would like to confirm that we collectively share important values where competition coexists with fun, sportsmanship, and respect so that games can occur in the safest possible environment. There was a recent incident where a player was badly injured which left us all feeling as though our values were not upheld. It is our responsibility to address this thoroughly, while working together to help prevent any future events like the incident and resulting injury, now and in the future.

Please know there has been a robust investigation by BC Hockey and VIAHA into every aspect of this incident concluding with severe disciplinary consequences to the appropriate individuals. Further efforts will be made in terms of education and follow-up to ensure lasting buy in. 

What’s most important is for the injured player to be fully supported as he recovers and for him to know how very sorry to see this happen to him. We sincerely hope for a speedy and full recovery. 

VMHA and JDFMHA have a great history of working together and caring about each

another. This is the time to return to our shared values and positive relationships in the aftermath of this very unfortunate incident.  



link to official Memorandum VIAHA, VMHA, JDFMHA MEMO Nov 30 2023