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...to promote and develop sportsmanship, teamwork, fair-play,physical skills and leadership through a positive disciplined program by providing a healthy, competitive environment not solely for the proficient but rather for the whole Association regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability or age.


Board Of Directors

Nicki Reich



Sherry Hurst

Vice President


Ingrid Moore



Katie Bernardo



Angela Treverton



Jeff Rafuse

Director, Coaching


Maya Fetterly

Recreational Governor


Alain Sauve

Representative Governor


Tyler Nyvall

Director, Hockey Operations


Chris Driebergen

Director, Player Development


2021/22 Season, Volunteers Needed!
The board is already planning ahead, and is in need of volunteers to help organize the upcoming season. Right now we are looking for the following positions, (please note this won't be the last opportunity -- help will be needed in a variety of areas as our board establishes committees in the coming months!). We will post opportunities on the website.
Division coordinators 

This position will assist the recreation team formation at the start of the season, and act as a point of contact for teams (primarily team managers) and the association throughout the season, and help distribute information to the division. Volunteers cannot have a player in the division (age group) that they coordinate. If you are interested in these positions, please contact Maya Fetterly at recreation@victoriaminorhockey.ca.


We are looking for someone to assist the board in preparing communications to members -- both regular updates, but also on an as-needed (short notice) basis. If you have a background in communications and are willing to share your talents, email Sherry Hurst at vp@victoriaminorhockey.ca.

Association Contacts

Communications DirectorVolunteer Neededcommunications@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Equipment DirectorAndrew Scurrahequipment@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Ice AllocatorCarla Tadlaice@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Safety CoordinatorKatie Bernardosafety@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Manager CoordinatorVolunteer Needed
Tournament CoordinatorMelissa Harristournaments@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Referee AllocatorKen Haskill / Shelby Dreherrefallocator@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Referee in ChiefKen Haskillric@victoriaminorhockey.ca
Special Events CoordinatorVolunteer Needed
U18 Representative CoordinatorSuzanne BeavanU18Rep@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U15 Representative CoordinatorSuzanne BeavanU15Rrep@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U13 Representative CoordinatorSuzanne BeavanU13Rep@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U21 Division CoordinatorVolunteer needed
U18 Recreation CoordinatorErin LairdU18Rec@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U15 Recreation CoordinatorSelina ChienU15Rec@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U13 Recreation CoordinatorLisa SykesU13Rec@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U11 Division CoordinatorLeah SteedsU11@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U9 Division CoordinatorMichelle BeaumontU9@victoriaminorhockey.ca
U7 Division CoordinatorKatie BernardoU7@victoriaminorhockey.ca

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