Victoria Minor Hockey/Brandon Wong U13 China Tournament Team

The Victoria Admirals U13 T1 hockey team, through the work of Brandon Wong of BW hockey, has been invited to a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a hockey tournament and partake in an extraordinary trip to Shenyang China!  In January 2024, the team will travel around the world and play teams from China, Korea, Japan and more!

With Covid restrictions recently lifted, China is looking to expand the sport of hockey in their country and attract teams from around the world to participate in a 1000 player tournament, “The Revitalization Cup” (link to Revitalization Tournament Video and Brochure).

China is keen to have a Canadian team as part of their tournament (Can we blame them… ).  So, to offset the high cost of travelling such a long distance, they are generously contributing towards the players accommodation, meals, transportation in China and part of the cost of flights!

Shenyang is a city of over 8 million people about 8 hours North-East of Beijing, and about halfway between Russia & North Korea.  While China is not traditionally considered a “hockey nation”, with Shenyang having such a large population we expect that we will be playing some talented local teams/players not to mention the teams travelling from other nearby countries.  The trip will be more than just about hockey, as players are being treated to excursions to the General’s Residence, Shenyang Imperial Palace, Lao Bei Shi Market, Liaoning Provincial Museum, Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Museum and potentially taking the Bullet Train to Beijing to see the Great wall of China.

The team is hoping to be good ambassadors for Canada and will be visiting local arenas in Shenyang to skate with local teams as part of a “give back” program.  Both our Shenyang hosts and Brandon Wong, with the support of the Victoria Admirals, hope to create long term relationships for the exchange of teams and players between Canada and China into the future.  On this basis, the team is not only fundraising and looking for sponsors to offset the costs of travel not covered by our generous hosts (i.e., remaining flight costs for players, insurance, and chaperone travel and accommodation costs, etc.) but is also looking for partners who will be willing to help similarly contribute to offsetting some of the costs for a team from China to come to an Admirals tournament next season.

For more information on the players’ journey and to support this adventure please use this link to our sponsorship letter.