We are thrilled to announce that our associations will be playing as the Victoria Admirals starting in the 2019 – 2020 season!

“Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt has been a part of the community for over 150 years and we’re so pleased that the Victoria Admirals have chosen to recognize that naval connection,” said Captain (Navy) Jason Boyd, Base Commander for CFB Esquimalt.

“As a hockey player myself, I know that creating a shared identity is important to building a cohesive hockey culture for players coming from each association. The Base and Royal Canadian Navy are truly honoured that the team name selected by the newly combined group highlights the role we play in the community. We wish them all the best in their inaugural season. Go Admirals!”

Saanich volunteer coach, hockey parent and Royal Canadian Navy member Cdr Alain Sauvé believes this collaboration is a natural fit. “Members from CFB Esquimalt, such as myself were very active in both associations and we will continue to be active now that the associations have come together as one. The new team name highlights not only Victoria’s deep naval roots, but the role members and their families have played throughout that history in supporting local hockey.”

We are incredibly proud of the work done along with the base and our branding team to create our new identity. We can’t wait until we are all playing under the same jersey this fall!

New logos and jersey design
We worked with Jeremie White to create the logos and our jersey design for the coming season. Jeremie is a VMHA parent that has over 25 years of experience in branding and design. He designed the Canucks uniforms the team was wearing during the 1994 Stanley Cup run and more recently within our community, he worked with SMHA parent Stu Gershman to design the Buddy Check for Jesse logo.

Primary Logo
There are two versions, one for our home jerseys and one for away jerseys.

The jersey design is in the works and will be shared soon!


And the winner is…
As part of our branding process, we asked you all to submit your name suggestions and you didn’t disappoint! We had over 600 suggestions! All those who suggested the name Admirals were entered into a random draw for a free registration this coming season. And the winner is Niki Williams!

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