New to Hockey

Are you, or your child, new to Hockey?

Before going to the rink for hockey:

  • Parents please make sure to register with us.
  • Review the Sportsmanship in the Stands video: YouTube Video

Before going out on the ice, your player will need:

  • CSA approved helmet with cage
  • Hockey gloves (no holes)
  • Jock (for boys) or Jill (for girls)
  • Hockey pants (should cover to knees)
  • Shin pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Skates (sharpened)
  • Hockey stick (see length info below)
  • Practice Jersey
  • Neck guard
  • Hockey socks
  • Mouth guards (Optional. Please research what is best for your child.)

Water Bottles:

Bring a water bottle.  Please put your child's Last Name on the bottle in large letters so your child can easily find it and if it is left behind on the bench coaches will know who to return it to.

Length of Hockey Stick:

Please be sure to cut the stick to the correct length. In general, the butt of the stick should come up the nose of the player when wearing skates, and the blade is on its tip. See: Hockey Stick Length Guide

New Skates:

A new pair of skates MUST be sharpened before using them.  Don't forget to break them in or have the heat molded so your child doesn't end up with blisters in the first ten minutes of hockey.


Spectator Behavior:

We are all fans, we are not all coaches and referees.  Have fun and enjoy watching.  That is what your child should see!  It is your responsibility that all spectators of your player are behaving according to the Parents Code of Conduct.


Please respect the referees, many are new to refereeing and are trying to do their best.


The Initiation Program

In 2016, The BC Hockey Board of Directors mandated that All Minor Hockey Associations were required to operate the Hockey Canada Initiation Program and utilize cross-ice systems for participants below the Atom division. This means that all games/practices for below atom players must take place on a cross-ice or modified ice surface.

The goal is to improve player development while ensuring an exciting, challenging, learned, fun environment for the players.

VIAHA Cross Ice Guidelines

Check out the videos below to see why this program is happening in Canada now.

NHL Analytics Tracking of 8U Hockey Players
From a child's view, Parents find full-ice hockey no fun...