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2019-2020 Registration is now open!


1. You will be required to enter each player’s individual HCR (Hockey Canada Registry).  You should have received an email with this number within the past few weeks. If you haven’t received it, you can also go to Hockey Canada and log into your account to verify.  PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW HOCKEY CANADA ACCOUNT.  If you have played organized hockey you already have a number. The HCR # is usually 13 digits, beginning with either 1400xxx or 1500xxx (there are a few exceptions). If you can’t find it on Hockey Canada, please email our registrar at

2. The set-up process for this season will take a little longer, particularly if this is your first time registering through TeamSnap. Future years will be much faster. If your team was using TeamSnap this past season, you will be able to log in using your current information.

3. For new to hockey registrants please contact There will a separate New Player Registration Form that will include proof of date of birth etc.

All players-in-good-standing registered in Peewee, Bantam or Midget are welcome to participate in the tryout process, for an additional non-refundable cost of $125. Additional association and team fees will apply to players selected to their respective rep team. Players should participate in tryouts with the intention of being selected to the most competitive team.

Registration closes June 30th, 2019. A 5% late fee will apply for those who register after July 1, 2019.

RETURNING AND NEW players who do NOT reside within either the VMHA or SMHA draw zone: if you have been wait listed with your home association, and think you may want to play at VMHA, please send our registrar a note ( and we will keep you on a VMHA wait list. If your home association has not found space for you by mid-August, please contact our registrar. You can register with us at that time and we can very likely place you.

IMPORTANT: You must upload proof of address documents during the registration process, so please have these ready. Players new to us must also upload copies of either a birth certificate or passport. And, players transferring permanently from another association on the Island, due to a move, must have all the documentation required by VIAHA ready as well. Details here.

Registration policies below.

2019/2020 Season Registration



Registration Fees
(please note that families who already registered with VMHA and paid the higher fee will be refunded the difference before the season starts)

Initiation (born 2013-2014) $450.00
Novice (born 2011-2012) $450.00
Atom (born 2009-2010) $660.00
Peewee (born 2007-2008) $660.00
Bantam (born 2005-2006) $660.00
Midget (born 2002-2003-2004) $660.00
Junior C (born 2001-2000-1999) $500.00


Family Discount: If you are registering THREE OR MORE players in a family, you are eligible for a discount of $100 off your total registration fees. The discount will be applied upon checkout in our on-line registration.


Female players wishing to try out for VIAHA Female Regional Competitive (PW, Bantam, Midget) teams must first register as usual with your home association (ie. VMHA).  The tryout fee for these teams is NOT paid to us but paid directly to VIAHA. Please refer to the VIAHA Web Site for additional tryout information and details.

Goalie Discount:
Registered goalies in the Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget divisions are offered a $200 discount, if they provide all of their own goalie gear.  You must specify the goalie discount on your registration form.

Refund Policy:
All applications for refunds, withdrawal or transfer must be made in writing and mailed or delivered to the VMHA Registrar & Treasurer using this form. Please email a scan or photo of the completed form to: AND

1. VMHA refund policy for basic registration shall be as follows:

  • Prior to September 1  - eligible for full refund
  • Prior to September 30 – eligible for 75% refund
  • Prior to November 15  - eligible for 50% refund
  • Prior to December 31  - eligible for 25% refund.  After December 31st - no refund

2. Tryout fees, $125, are non-refundable.

3. Any member who is “not in good standing” shall not be eligible for any refund.

4. All refund requests shall be reviewed at the next Executive Meeting for approval.

Financial Assistance:
Should you require financial assistance, please consider contacting all of the following organizations: KidSport VictoriaAthletics for KidsCanadian Tire Jumpstart.


Proof of Address / Transfer Requirements: Your spot is not confirmed until final payment is received, and a copy of a current utility bill is uploaded (or required transfer papers are uploaded), as proof of residency, when you register.

  • For players transferring from other associations, please be sure to complete the VIAHA Residency Checklist and upload all appropriate documentation when you register.
  • New players please upload proof of address/transfer documents, as well as a copy of the player's birth certificate or passport.

Draw Zone

Victoria Minor Hockey Association: The City of Victoria, the Municipality of Oak Bay, the Municipality of Esquimalt and the Municipality of Saanich, which shall also be a shared draw zone between VRCMHA, and first time registration may be with either Association. Residents of this shared draw zone may transfer from Victoria Minor Hockey Association to VRCMHA up until the completion of the first year of Atom hockey. The decision to transfer must be made prior to March 31st of the current playing season. After that time, a player may transfer from Victoria Minor Hockey Association to VRCMHA with the written approval of both local association Presidents and the Vice-President (South Island) and the District President. Should MHAs not agree on transfer requests, the VIAHA Officers shall make the decision. Their decision is final and not subject to appeal.

As long as VRCMHA retains its “Winter Club” status, players registered with VRCMHA may return to Victoria MHA at any time, subject to available space.

Residents of the Township of View Royal shall be in a shared draw zone between Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey association and Victoria Minor Hockey association. The residents of this shared draw zone have a one- time choice of where to register depending on available space. First time registrants shall be with either association.

Residents of the Municipality of Oak Bay or the City of Victoria east of the Inner Harbour and east of the Gorge Waterway up to Admirals Road shall be in a shared draw zone between Victoria Minor Hockey Association and Victoria Racquet Club Minor Hockey Association, and first time registrants may be with either Association.