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To continue the tradition of our Past-President, Chris Atchison, we are re-publishing his annual Ice Hawks poem:

The Victoria Ice Hawks Christmas Eve Skate
(’Twas The Night Before Christmas)

’Twas the night before Christmas and all-round the block,
Not a creature was stirring, not a single Ice Hawk.
Each young puckster was dreaming, fast asleep in their beds,
While visions of skates, sticks and jerseys danced in their heads.

And with Mom gently snoring, and Dad still frantically wrapping,
I woke up in a flash as my window was tapping.
And I peeked past the curtain a stared out through the glass
And couldn’t believe what was there on my grass!

It was ice, and some boards, and some paint for good measure.
I looked out at this rink with sheer magical pleasure.
I threw on some warm clothes, grabbed my skates, puck and stick
And headed out to the rink – I was faster than quick!

I laced up my blades and stepped on the ice,
Where I strided and glided and fell once or twice.
I was soon joined by team mates and Ice Hawks of all ages
Like someone had freed all the birds from their cages!

With the moon and the stars shining light on our space
Yet nothing was brighter than the smiles on each face.
We skated miles in our enchanted evening of shinny
Without the slightest attention to losing or winning.

The game only ended when we were too tired to play
And slowly each Ice Hawk just skated away.
To the warmth and the comfort of their home and bed
With joyous dreams of hockey still fresh in their heads.

Christmas morning was nearing, but for now it could wait
For each Ice Hawk still dreamt of their Christmas Eve skate.
And when morning arrives – with everything you may get,
Remember the importance of “Smiles, Skills and Sweat”

For the Ice Hawks – this motto will always ring true –
So Merry Christmas and sweet hockey dreaming to you!

The VMHA Executive would like to wish all VMHA Ice Hawk players, families and friends the very best over the holiday season and for the New Year awaiting us!

(first written by Chris Atchison and circulated to the VMHA Membership on December 23, 2013)

Atom C1 wins gold!

Posted by Victoria Minor Hockey Association at Nov 15, 2017 10:35AM PST ( 0 Comments )

Congratulations to our Atom C1 team who won gold in Powell River last weekend!


Congrats to our Atom Development team who went undefeated to win gold at the Oceanside tourney last weekend.


We hope everyone is enjoying the return to hockey and we thank you for your patience as we get the season underway. The coaches have been working hard with the kids to assess skills and abilities as we look to form fair and balanced teams. On Tuesday night, September 19, the coaches will meet and teams will be formed. We will host inter-squad games to further balance the teams; expect that there may be some movement. Please ensure your player understands movement may happen.

On Wednesday or Thursday of next week (September 20 or 21) families will be emailed with their player’s interim placement on teams named C1, C2, etc. Starting Friday, September 22, inter-squad games will begin. You will not on the schedule that games will be labelled using the C1, C2… naming.

Please note the following exceptions:
1. Bantam families: Wednesday ice times are labelled red and blue. If your player has been assigned to one of these colour groups, please attend.
2. Peewee families: There are two development ice times on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. These are broken down by last name. Please attend accordingly.


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