Programming Update

Our team has been working constantly with our governing bodies and our facility partners, and we have plenty to report. We have met with three of our five venues and there has been some good news regarding their facility limits. While some rinks in the region have opened with maximums of 10 participants, we are allowed 20 participants at three of our rinks. This is excellent news for programming this season!
Physical distancing measures are still in place and on-ice programming will look different, but we have formed a committee to look at how we can be creative within our limitations. As things evolve and change, so will programming. We continually monitor information from VIAHA, BC Hockey, ViaSport and the PHO. We will continue keep you all informed of our progress.

Return to Play Plan

Our safety committee has finished its first draft of our Return to Play plan. We are currently reviewing the draft together with the template provided by BC Hockey as well as the safety plans provided by our rinks. The next step is to ratify the plan at our Board and then submit it to the regional Emergency Operations Committee for approval. Once approved, we will share it with our membership.

Early Bird and Rep Deadline Reminder

A reminder for everyone that June 30 is the last day of our early registration pricing, as well as our deadline for players wanting to sign up for representative tryouts. We are moving forward with registration to help us estimate our player numbers in each division. We appreciate that some of you may be reluctant to sign up without first knowing the protocols, but registering is the first step in enabling us to plan. We do offer different payment options to defer the fees until later in the summer, and full refunds are available prior to September 1.

Coaching Applications

We are still seeking recreational team coaches at all levels. Share your passion for the game, and be a positive influence on our many young players! Admirals coaching application form can be found here.

Friend Requests

Please be patient and hang on to your player’s preferences and friend requests for the time being! We will update all our membership later in the summer regarding opportunities to submit requests once we have better understanding of our programming.

Looking for training tips? 

VMHA members have been provided with free trial access to try Train 2.0 for a month. Train 2.0 provides instructional videos and courses to help you improve your game!
Full membership details:
The promo code is VMHA. If you have any questions you can contact Hunter Atchison (former VMHA player!) at

Thank you for your patience as we work on our plans to safely accommodate minor hockey in the fall. We will continue to share our progress with you over the coming months.