There has been further clarification on the requirements for proof of vaccination for our spectators, from both the PHO as well as from some of our rinks.
Here is what this means for VMHA families, effective tomorrow (Saturday September 25):
  • ALL spectators aged 12+ will need to provide proof of vaccination at all venues. 
  • Pearkes Green and Naden –  These rinks continue to have a maximum capacity of 50 spectators.
Volunteer call
Our division coordinators will work with assigned and interim team managers to identify a screener for each ice time this weekend.
Our teams/volunteers will need to:
1. Screen all spectators for proof of vaccination, including anyone not on the roster as Team Staff (coaches, safety are players are not screened). This includes screening the volunteers working the clock or doing game sheets.
2. Communicate with both home and away teams ASAP the requirement to limit spectators to their “half” of the 50 maximum spectator capacity for games at Pearkes Green and Naden (this is not new) and note the added screening requirement.
3. Funnel everybody through one entrance for screening.
Please be prepared to assist your team in meeting these requirements, and remember to be kind and courteous with all our volunteers as we navigate the regulations.