We are just two weeks from the start of the school year and along with it, the start of the official hockey season! I hope that you have all had a safe and enjoyable summer.

Our board and volunteers have been busy with booking ice, creating schedules, planning assessments, counting pucks, sorting jerseys, organizing equipment and so much more. It is a massive undertaking to prepare for the season for our 750+ participants.

It is exciting to host you all again this year and we are looking forward to having a season that resembles something closer to normal. While we are still not done with the pandemic, there is reason for hope.

There will still be some protocols that look a little different, but with the continued diligence of our hockey families and the greater community, we will be able to provide our players with a great experience.

We look forward to a season full of sweat, skills, smiles!

Nicki Reich

Ice Schedule

Our ice schedule for the first two weeks of the season will be posted in the next few days. There are a few things to note:

  • The time slots that you have for the first two weeks are not representative of the practice times you will have during the season
  • The regular schedule will begin in weeks three and four for most teams
  • The regular schedule for U11 will begin in weeks four and five
  • Please check the schedule often and again before you head to the rink – changes happen frequently during the first two weeks

Mask Policy

As of Tuesday August 24, 2021 masks are required for participants, team staff and spectators at all of our arena venues. VIAHA issued a mask policy effective immediately for dressing rooms and the PHO announced a province-wide mandate for all public indoor spaces beginning August 25, 2021.

Team Formation: U7 and U9

In both our U7 and U9 divisions, players are generally grouped by birth year. These groups will be formed and posted by September 1.

Team Formation: U11

Our U11 program follows the U11 pathway as set out by Hockey Canada and the long term athlete development guidelines. According to the pathway, all U11 players are given four on-ice practice sessions before assessments begin.

During these initial practice sessions, players will be grouped to make sure that every player has access to four ice times. These are *not* teams and friend requests will not be included during these sessions. These groups will be formed and posted by September 1.

In the third week of the season, all of our U11 players will be assessed to support recreational team balancing and to form our development A and B teams. The development teams are formed by invitation based on assessment results.

The assessment ice sessions are simply for our assessors to observe the skill level of each player and then provide information to our division coordinator to properly create and balance our teams.

Recreational Team Formation: U13, U15, U18

Preliminary teams will be formed for the initial week of the season (starting September 7) and then balancing games will commence in week two (starting September 13). These groups will be posted by September 1.

Please allow our divisional coordinators and coaches the time to review the teams in those first two weeks for balance. There will be movement between groups as balancing games are played and as players are released from representative assessments.

Team balance is our top priority and only requirement for team formation. We will then do our best to accommodate reciprocal friend requests while maintaining team balance.

Representative Team Formation: U13, U15, U18

All those who are registered to assess for our representative program will have received a separate email regarding the assessment process. If your player is planning to assess and you have not received that communication, please contact registrar@victoriaminorhockey.ca to confirm that you are registered.

Power Edge Pro Development Camp: September 17, 18, 19

We are hosting a development camp with Power Edge Pro (PEP) on September 17, 18 and 19. The camp has limited spaces available and since it is not available to all players, there is a cost to attend.

This camp is designed to develop our coaches who will be learning the PEP methods that can be used throughout the season to develop all of our players. See the Development page for more information.