For those wishing to live stream games, an individual player consent waiver form and a Team consent form have now been prepared to facilitate this process.
Here’s the process:
1. Managers of teams wanting to live-stream games distribute the Player/Participant Waiver  to their team to seek permission from all families including team staff (team staff that need to express consent for themselves can use the adult form).
2. Waivers should be returned to managers and saved by the manager. All responses must be kept confidential by the manager, and the privacy of each family must be respected.
3. If permission is received from all families, the manager can then sign the Team Waiver  on behalf of the team. The Team Waiver can be shared with all Cohort Team managers as well as the appropriate VIAHA division commissioner. The Team Waiver becomes your team’s permission to be filmed at any games together with your cohort teams.
4.  As manager, you will receive Team Waivers from your other cohort teams (where permission has been granted from their team).
5. When your Team has a home game booked, in addition to confirming whether you are playing a team that has consented to live-streaming, managers will need to check with the VMHA Ref Allocators to confirm whether the on-ice officials have also consented to live-streaming. When you are playing an away game, confirm with the opposing team manager that the on-ice officials have consented to live-streaming.
6. If you have not received forms from all your families, you may want to ask those who have not responded to confirm if they are not comfortable signing the waiver or are just late returning their form. A deadline might work to help ensure families respond as quickly as possible.
Please note that VMHA’s consent forms are for games only, and are for live-streaming of games, but do not permit any recording, copying or re-posting of games for later viewing.
In cases where your entire team does not provide consent, and in cases where you do not have consent (no Team Waiver/release form) from the opposing team or from the families of on-ice officials, these games cannot be live-streamed or recorded. Please respect that some families and teams may choose not to be filmed, and may do so for a variety of reasons. While this may be disappointing for some families, please appreciate that you may not be aware of everyone’s individual circumstances or concerns, and respect everyone’s decisions and privacy. Please do not share the decisions of individual families and/or players regarding whether or not they have provided consent. Other than the manager, teams should only know whether or not their team, as a whole, has provided consent.
If you have questions regarding the waivers or permission process, please contact your division coordinator.