Please review this entire document and reach out with any questions. We can absolutely have another member meeting if that would be helpful. As always, we are in this together, and we welcome ideas, feedback, suggestions, and extra volunteers to help manage the screening aspect of our return plan.

DO NOT ENTER the facility without checking in with the screener. Wait until they are ready to check you in. If they are not there yet, you cannot go in.

Be sure the rink-specific screening questionnaire for the RIGHT RINK is completed and submitted prior to every event (yes, everyday), on the day of the event and not less than an hour before; (if you want to confirm the survey has been submitted, click the option to have your responses emailed back to you).

Be sure your player checks in with the screener before entering the facility.

Understand that if the screener has not seen your questionnaire responses on their list, you will need to complete it again before you and your player enter the facility.

If spectators are allowed, understand that means only one spectator per player. If you are a parent coach, you are your player’s one spectator. We have strict attendance limits that must be respected. Your screener has the responsibility to ensure attendance limits are followed. If limits are exceeded, we risk losing our ice.

Proceed directly to the spectator area if you are spectating; do not stop in the hall or warm room to chat. Suggestion: “Hey Hockey Parent! I missed you, let’s chat outside after the practice!” 😉
Maintain physical distance from other people and/or wear a mask.

Once your player’s ice time has ended, promptly go outside the designated door and wait for your player outside. This helps us avoid situations where teams overlap and are inside the rink at the same time.

Ensure your player understands they must be in full-gear, tie your player’s skates before hand, and do not bring a large hockey bag (totes, small bags ok)

Be aware of the guidelines.

Ask your parents if they completed the screening questionnaire, or learn to do it on your own (you’ll need an email).

Arrive at the rink in full gear (except skates, gloves and helmet).

Assist the screener by encouraging your buddies to adhere to the guidelines.

If it is a rink where changerooms are available, check which changeroom you are assigned to or should be using. Changerooms have capacity limits that must be respected.

Once your ice time ends, remove skates, grab your items and leave the rink via the designated exit; Do not linger after removing your skates; chat with your buddies outside the rink.

Meet your parents outside the rink.

Assist the screeners with flow of traffic.

Complete the questionnaire for yourself (you can be on the spectator line of your child’s questionnaire).

Assign players to dressing rooms to respect the rink limits and room maximums (check the facility specific guidelines in the return plan for the changeroom maximums).

Review and understand the return plan-Reach out to Katie with any questions, comments, suggestions.

Do NOT wait until the zamboni driver tells you to go so you can get a few extra minutes on the ice; Covid took this luxury away, so please remove your team at the completion of your slot.

Do not bring extra coaches or on-ice helpers unless you have cleared this addition with your team safety for participant limits and manager for qualifications.


Print or write out your attendance list (team list) beforehand. If you are one screener for two teams (shared ice may have to take turns with supplying the screener) make sure you’ve written down or printed both team lists (see the schedule and the links below for teams and lists).

Request that Katie add you to the spreadsheet that tracks the questionnaire responses (link below)
Note on your team lists who has completed the questionnaire before you go to the event and write down the names of any spectators accompanying the player (this saves you from trying to find their names on the list from your phone/device.

Arrive at the arena 25 minutes before ice time (entry is 15 minutes prior to event). Meet your attendees outside the arena and verify/check-off players on your handwritten or printed list as they arrive and confirm the name of their spectator (if the spectator is someone other than indicated in the questionnaire it will need to be updated so send that information to Katie at the completion)

If someone has not completed the questionnaire, or you did not see their responses before you arrived at the event, ask them to step to the side and complete it before entry.

Ensure the door to the arena is closed once all players are inside. The doors will be locked so no one can come and go. Doors should never be propped open and you’ll need to check the doors periodically throughout the event.

The facilities have given us full control of attendance so we must ensure that only those authorized to be in attendance are in the rink.

Reconfirm your numbers once inside (counting parents and participants). Remind people not to linger or stop to chat inside; remind them of our awesome climate on the island and invite them to continue their catching up and bonding outside!

VMHA Return to Play
Member Copy of Return Plan


At the creation of our Return Plan, VMHA was responsible for storing our attendance records. In Phase 3, that responsibility falls to the arenas. VMHA is now required to submit attendance records to the rink at the end of each day.

The online questionnaires go directly to the facility, which is why it is so important to complete the questionnaire correctly, and to complete the right questionnaire for the right rink at least an hour before going to the arena. This gives our screeners time to prepare an attendance list with information on who has completed the questionnaire, and allows check-in to run smoothly. Find the right link for your location below


2020/2021 VMHA Return to Play

Team Lists:



Questionnaire Responses (Screeners only, they will have to request access from )

Ice Schedules

Facility Guidelines:

Oak Bay

Archie Browning


Thank you for reviewing, and for committing to adhere to our protocols. If we each take responsibility for following the rules, and for reminding our teammates to do the same, we will stay safe, and be able to continue playing hockey and having fun. Together we can do this!