This year, Victoria Minor Hockey will be hosting a Buddy Check for Jesse event on January 24-30, 2022. For those who don’t know about Buddy Check for Jesse, it is a Canadian charity, created by Dr. Stu Gershman, a BC Dad/Coach/Physician whose son died by suicide in October 2014. The goal of this charity is to help raise awareness for the importance of mental health in sport.

This talk/resource and swag handout  will take about 15 minutes and aims to raise mental health awareness to our players and help them learn to support both those managing mental health disorders and, in its simplest form, poor mental health days – without judgment. The talk is meant to remind players to be good teammates both on and off the ice and to encourage your athlete to “Buddy Check” their teammates, and others, throughout the season, and beyond.

Buddy Check is about teamwork, support, awareness and acceptance and we are incredibly honoured to bring the Buddy Check message to our team.

Here’s what to expect at our Buddy Check Event:

  • Your athlete will receive a 10 minute Coach’s Talk about the importance of mental health and checking in on one another. The main theme of this talk is kindness, compassion, support and teamwork – both on and off the ice.
  • Your athlete will be encouraged to tape their stick with green tape to help show their support for mental health awareness in sport.

  • Your athlete will receive a wristband, bag tag and information cards on what Buddy Check means.

  • As a parent, you will receive a Parent Card with additional information on Buddy Check for Jesse.

If any of you would like to further support this cause by purchasing Buddy Check t-shirts or hoodies, you can do so by ordering at

Also, please consider a donation to help “pay it forward” so more youth can be reached with this important message.

For additional information on Buddy Check for Jesse, please visit their website at

We are extremely excited to be a part of this great initiative and we hope that you are, too.