We have been busy in the off-season planning for September. Things are looking like we will be back to a regular season with restrictions lifting, officials getting certified, games being scheduled and tournament planning underway.


Our board has been looking at what lessons we learned throughout the past year and how we can apply them to improve the experience for our players.


Here are just a few of the updates for our representative program!


T1 Head Coaches
We are excited to announce that we have secured the following coaches for our T1 programs:

  • Gavin Yee – U18 T1 Head Coach
  • Brett Vestby – U15 T1 Head Coach
  • Eric Erickson – U13 T1 Interim Head Coach

All three of these coaches will be excellent additions to our T1 programming.


Combine Testing
We will be incorporating combine testing (like the WHL Combine) for the skills portion of our assessments this season. The results will give our assessment team a quantitative baseline for players being assessed for the representative program.

The results of the combine testing will also be provided to our rep coaching staff to help them design their player development plans.


Closed Assessments
Last season, we were required to limit attendance and therefore, we had no spectators. The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive! Assessors, coaches, volunteers, players and parents alike felt that removing spectators reduced stress, pressure and distractions, and ultimately created a more positive experience for our players.

As a result, we have decided to continue with a closed assessment format for this season, where Phase 1 of rep assessments (the first week) will be conducted without spectators in the arenas.

Once Phase 2 begins, and players are assigned to team groupings for practices and exhibition games, parents will be welcome to attend, subject to any ViaSport restrictions or arena safety plans in place at the time.


Player Practice Rotation
We will return to our player practice rotation again this year for rep teams, to provide players the opportunity to practice with rep teams one tier above their own team. The rep committee will work with coaches early in the season to establish the rotation. The program provides players an opportunity to practice with the team above.


Development Program
We are looking forward to having a comprehensive development program this year with the return of the ice surfaces at both Pearkes Gold and Save-on-Foods Memorial this season. The committee is working on some great goalie development, player development and coach development including a workshop with Dan Price, Head Coach of the Victoria Royals. We have also secured PowerEdge Pro to bring their development program to the Admirals and work with our coaches at all levels. This is an excellent training opportunity for both our players and coaches.

These are just a few of the exciting things that we have in store for the coming season. We are looking forward to September!