Atom Transition, Checking Clinics & Rep Prep

Posted by Victoria Minor Hockey Association on Jul 31 2019 at 03:50PM PDT

Checking Clinics
We are pleased to offer Checking Clinics for players in the Bantam & Midget divisions, registered with VMHA.   All players new to contact hockey must attend one of these sessions in order to be eligible to take part in the Representative Assessment process.  Other players in Bantam and Midget may also register to attend a session, however, registration priority will be given to those who are new to contact hockey.

These on-ice sessions will help prepare players for contact hockey by focusing on the following areas:

  • understanding the purpose and intent for initiating / receiving contact 
  • proper angling, timing, and managing space for initiating / receiving contact 
  • body position and physical engagement techniques for initiating / receiving contact
  • decision-making and safety concerns to protect both players in the ‘contact’ situation

Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Your player must be pre-registered to attend.
Click here to register your player:

Novice to Atom transition
We are pleased to offer Atom Transition Plan (ATP) on-ice sessions to help players who are entering their first year of Atom with VMHA.  Sessions will follow the practice plans recommended by BC Hockey, where the “goal is to ensure that players entering their first year of Atom are equipped with the skills and knowledge to adapt to a full ice surface.” 

The ATP practice plans are designed to build on each other, so when players register it will be for the whole program (all 6 sessions).  We understand that it may not be possible to attend every session due to summer / family schedules, however we recommend that every effort is made to attend them all so to maximize your player’s ability to transition to full ice smoothly for this season.

Please register for group one or group two.

Atom Transition Ice Group 1

Aug 19 5:30-6:20pm
Aug 20 5:30-6:30pm
Aug 24 12:15-1:05pm
Aug 25 4:45-5:35pm
Aug 28 4:15-5:05pm
Aug 29 4:15-5:05pm GAME Oak Bay

- OR -

Atom Transition Ice Group 2

Aug 19 6:30-7:20pm Oak Bay
Aug 20 6:45-7:45pm Oak Bay
Aug 24 1:15-2:05pm Oak Bay
Aug 25 5:45-6:35pm Oak Bay
Aug 28 5:15-6:05pm Oak Bay
Aug 30 4:15-5:05pm GAME Oak Bay

Players must be pre-registered to attend.
Click here to register your player:

Rep prep sessions – Peewee, Bantam & Midget
To prepare for assessments and the coming season, VMHA will host a series of rep prep sessions in August. Any player who is registered to assess with VMHA, for the 2019-20 season is welcome to attend. You will need to register for the sessions to reserve your player’s spot. We ask that you select a maximum of three sessions for your player to allow for all those assessing an opportunity to participate. August 7 the remainder of the sessions will be released for further registration of additional sessions. 

The cost is $10 per player per session.
Click here to register your player:

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