VMHA Fall Registration 2017-2018

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VMHA Fall Registration 2017-2018

Registration for RETURNING PLAYERS who reside within the VMHA draw zone is now open! This includes players in the Saanich rep co-op, and females who played in Saanich this season, who reside in the VMHA draw zone.

Register before April 1st for the EARLY REGISTRATION INCENTIVE. To be entered into the draw to win your base registration for free:

– Register before March 31st @ 11pm
– Register a returning player who resides in our draw zone,
– Upload your proof of residence document on-line and
– Pay by credit card (either in part or in full)

The winner will be drawn at our Annual General Meeting at Archie Browning Sports Centre on April 10th..

NEW PLAYERS who reside within the VMHA draw zone: Registration opens April 1st.

RETURNING AND NEW players who do NOT reside within the VMHA draw zone: Registration opens April 15th.

NOTE TO SAANICH PLAYERS: Although you can register with us as of April 15th, we cannot guarantee placement until after VIAHA approves transfers in the summer. You must still first register to be wait-listed with your home association, every season. Should Saanich end up finding space for you, a 100% fee refund will be provided to you by VMHA.

Registration closes August 1, 2017. A 5% late fee will apply for those who register after August 1, 2017.

IMPORTANT: You must upload photos (ONLY IMAGE FILES are accepted, no pdfs) of your PROOF OF ADDRESS documents during the registration process, so please have these ready. Players new to us must also upload a birth certificate or passport photo. And, players transferring permanently from another association, due to a move, must have all the documentation required by VIAHA ready as well: http://www.viaha.org/forms/2015-MHA%20Residency%20Checklist.pdf

Instructions: For detailed information on registration options and prices, please refer to our Registration/Programs page (http://www.teampages.com/organizations/2554/pages/105959)

* This year we are offering a discounted price for Atom goalies as well as all Initiation, Novice and Female registrants.

UPLOADING DOCUMENTS: The site ONLY ACCEPTS IMAGE FILES. There is no need to scan your document. Just attach a clear photo of your document taken from your phone or digital device.

FEMALES and MALES – Please register SEPARATELY below

FEMALE PLAYERS – please be sure to select SKATER or GOALIE for Atom & Older

Females will be placed on female teams first. If there are not enough girls to form a female team in your age division, then you can be placed on an Integrated “C” team, or we can discuss other options with families not wanting the integrated option.

Females who wish to also play on an integrated team please indicate your interest below. If there is space on an integrated team, we will place you for an additional fee of $250.

MALE PLAYERS – please be sure to select SKATER or GOALIE for Atom & Older


Players (1999-born) wanting to play as over-age players this coming season, please register above in the female or male section. As these are techincally wait lists, you will not be charged at this point. You will also need to complete the Over Age Exemption form (http://viaha.org/forms/2014%20Overage%20Exemption%20Form.pdf) and submit it to Chris Atchison (president@victoriaminorhockey.ca) for signature and submission to VIAHA. VIAHA will likely review the forms sometime in mid-August. At that point, if your request is approved, and we have space, we will be happy to place you. You can pay your registration fee once a spot is confirmed for you.


All players-in-good-standing registered in Atom to Midget (except Midget Over-Age) are welcome to participate in the tryout process.

Players attending tryouts will be selected based on their commitment to play rep hockey combined with their ability, attitude and fitness. Participation in all games, practices, specialty clinics, and dry land is expected and any exceptions must be cleared with team staff. (*Additional association and team fees will apply to players selected to their respective rep team.)

FEMALE players intending to try out for a VIAHA Female Regional A Team, please:
- Indicate your interest below
- Complete the necessary paperwork for VIAHA,
- Pay your tryout fee directly to VIAHA: http://viaha.org/female/competitive/index.php


If you are transferring PERMANENTLY from another association, you must complete the VIAHA Minor Hockey Association Residency Checklist (http://www.viaha.org/forms/2015-MHA%20Residency%20Checklist.pdf) and provide all required documentation – please attach it below.


Insurance Waiver & Release of Liability

The Applicant (player) and parent(s) or guardian(s) appreciate that the sport of hockey involves many inherent risks, dangers, and hazards. This Waiver and Release of Liability is agreed to with full knowledge of those risks, dangers, and hazards. The Applicant (player) and his/her parent(s) or guardian(s) waive any and all claims that each or any of them may now or in the future have against Victoria Minor Hockey Association and its directors, officers, sponsors, agents, employees, volunteers, successors and representatives, including referees, coaches (and their assistants), and instructors for anything whatsoever, due to any cause whatsoever.

I authorize all medical and surgical treatment, X-ray, laboratory, anesthesia, and other medical and/or hospital procedures as may be performed or prescribed by the attending physician and/or paramedics for my child and waive my right to informed consent of treatment. This waiver applies only in the event that neither parent/guardian can be reached in the case of an emergency.

Note:   Neckguards are Mandatory

Privacy Policy

We do not sell, rent or otherwise provide your personal or family information to any company, organization or individual, other than to our governing bodies: VIAHA, BC Hockey, and Hockey Canada. Other than the administration of our program and the need to communicate with you and your family, we do use the information on hand for statistical analysis for our hockey program, and to develop programs required for the future. We do retain your information to enable us to communicate with you in the future, provide you with information about our program, and to keep you informed with information that may be of interest to you.

Parent Respect in Sport

It is policy of Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association (VIAHA) that all parents (who have not already completed Parent Respect in Sport, or Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders), complete the course as soon as possible. Please read the following and ensure your certification is up-to-date: http://www.viaha.org/bulletins/2015-012-I-Up-dated%20Parent%20RIS%20FAQ's%20Info%20Bulletin.pdf . Note that the RIS for Activity Leaders expires 5 years after your original certification date.

Refund Policy

1. All applications for refunds, withdrawal or transfer must be made in writing and mailed or delivered to the VMHA Registrar using this form: https://www.teampages.com/organizations/2554/documents/136225. You may email a scan of the completed form to: registrar@victoriaminorhockey.ca

2. VMHA refund policy for basic registration shall be as follows:
- Prior to August 31 shall be in full less $50.00 administration charge.
- Prior to September 30 shall be 66% less $50.00 administration charge.
- Prior to November 30 shall be 33% less $50.00 administration charge.
- As of December 1 no refund shall be provided.


Volunteers Needed

If you think you might be interested in volunteering as staff for your child’s team, or if you are willing to help our executive in specific areas, please indicate your interest below. You can familiarize yourself with the necessary qualifications here: http://bchockey.net/Clinics/Clinics.aspx. All staff must be sure to complete Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders, the Concussion Awareness Training Tool (http://www.bchockey.net/Files/How%20to%20Register%20for%20CATT%202016-06-22%20FINAL.pdf) as well as a Criminal Record Check (which can be accessed on-line through our web site).

In addition, Safety People must take the on-line HCSP (Hockey Canada Safety Program) course, and Coaches in the recreational program must take the Coach 2 course.

For those certified in the past, please check your Hockey Canada account to ensure that your qualifications are still current if you did not take any of these courses in the past couple of years.

Team staff will be reimbursed for courses taken.

Our association always needs more great volunteers, and cannot function without them.

or cancel